A while back, Conference Keeper introduced the Speaker's Directory

I've been working hard to accumulate information from genealogical speaker's around the United States to compile a list of available speakers, topics, and other pertinent information. You can now access that collection under the Speaker's Directory tab on the menu. 

The Directory is entirely free, and my hope is that workshop, conference and seminar planners will utilize this new resource to plan their next event. If you are a speaker and would like to be listed, please email me with the following information: 

Your Name
Primary Location
Will you travel (yes or no)
Preferred Contact Information (Phone or Email)
Website Link
Five Presentation Topics

All speaker's will be listed in three ways: by last name, by geographical location and by topic. This allows for the best possible exposure for the speaker and makes it easier for planners to find someone that will fit their needs. Are you looking for a speaker on a specific topic, or someone close to your organization? 

You can find it all in the CK Speaker's Directory! 


Peggy Lauritzen
07/27/2013 4:53pm

Hi, Jen! I couldn't get the link to work that would let me send an email to you.


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